A note to myself about my possible (improbable) future in science writing


So, you want to be a science writer.

Let’s get this straight. You’re not going to be a good writer for at least another decade.

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The key to ending AIDs, TB, and Malaria? Innovation, political advocacy, and basic human decency

Leaders in global health and McGill academics gather the day before the Fifth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to conduct a panel discussion on the question “How can Canada help?”

“I took a beautiful picture of this young girl, and went on my way to work,” Canada’s Minister of Health Jane Philpott said. “Two days later, when I was going through my routine and walking past the very same compound, the children were waiting for me and rushed out to see me with some news. They said ‘remember our sister, who you took a picture of specially under the tree two days ago? She died last night.'”

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